Beneath Our Promised Futures

by Starving Arts

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released July 22, 2012

Recorded by Tom Kelly at Cellar Door Studios in the Spring of 2012.
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.
Cover Photo by Ariel Lebeau
Music and Lyrics by Christian Beale



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Starving Arts

Punk rock band from Long Island, New York.

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Track Name: Beneath Our Promised Futures
Well I hope that I can say that I spent my time well on the day that this body finally fails, and as my coherence fades and the colors fog to grey, I hope that some of this made sense to someone else.

I know the present is all I'll ever have to hold because one day there won't be a tomorrow. We each walk beside destined demise, no new day's light for our dead eyes; alone.

We're all alone.
Track Name: Bullshit Artists
Your purpose proves transparent through pontificated speech. A bullshit aesthetic predicated on their misplaced belief. You're pitching pointless passage to tasteless audience; just fabricated fashion for the disingenuous.

Just a cheap crook; a crooked cheat.

I just feel there is a certain degree of responsibility in all of this and I can't condone settling for less or changing the tone just to appease or impress.

I place no faith in the hollow speech that rolls off tongues and passed the teeth of those thankless mouths that only breed insincerities.
Just vapid points from vacant heads.
Idle pomp and circumstance.
No effort wrought.
No reason to believe.
Track Name: Static
As I grow old my interest starts to wane:
composure that just grows weaker with age.
Maybe I just realized that the people I always idolized were just nobodies with nothing good to to say.

A focus once clear: gone the way of haze.
A foreign thought containing all my better days that always stays just out of reach despite the way that my pen bleeds and soaks this room; nearly drowning me.

Has it all been said, and was any of it meant? A single word sincere?
I've never known what to believe and it's killing me.
My reasons tend to disappear.
Track Name: Cross-Eyed
We all took the long way to nowhere while you took the easy path home. You thought it was salvation you were buying when really you were just being sold a holy ghost: posed for all those so weak they need it most and a convenience that is worth it's weight in gold.

But there's certain sins that just can't be atoned and unfocused faith can't set you free. You just waste your days bracing for what you believe is above you, crucifying every foe of your flawed ideology because beneath the skin of your belief bubbles a broken soul that boils up hate for anyone that's different from your own. It blinds your sight towards what is right and turns your heart to stone; a cross-eyed test of vision you got wrong.

Claiming compassion from a crooked moral compass, some would rather kneel than take a stand. Some will build themselves a sturdy foundation, and some will drive nails straight through their own hands.
Track Name: Common Chemistries
We steer ourselves towards the same swells that sink us every year and
maul the common chemistry we forced ourselves to feel.
There's no capacity for passion when the one thing we hold dear is our love of an idea:

to live and die for someone else other than ourselves.

It seems that we're all killing time. The time until we split and divide.
We drown ourselves inside the hell of our own minds and bleed so we know we're alive.

You hold your heavy hopes so close to your chest that
when they all come crashing down you're gonna be hard pressed
to avoid the crushing weight that grinds your bones back into ground
and turns every other beau straight back around.

It seems that we're all going blind. Gruelingly gouging out our own eyes.
We spit out shells of words we always heard but never could define in the faith that they'll lead to a 'life'.

The sum of loves amounts always quickly fizzled out.
The value never seemed quite worth the cost.
We never equaled more than just two nervous bores.
Two totaled wrecks left on expectation's shores.
Track Name: Beyond Our Burning Pasts
We replace every void we feel inside with our efforts to keep moving and our plans to redesign and redress the ways that we maintain stability; pass time by recalculating past mistakes and looking back on old goodbyes.

You paint the walls to cover up the hurt and place all that's left of the lives we've lead in piles at the curb.

We burn our pasts until there's nothing left. Ignite ourselves in effigy and hope we don't choke on the smoke that billows from what used to be. I'm sick of being told that things can never be the same when I wasn't sure they'd ever really changed.

I'd never felt so low before. Victimized by years gone by: a charred wood casket for all those immolated memories of the promises I'll never keep. She never got to see those Boston streets. Now highways hum with songs we'd sung long before our policies of honesty ran short.

We burn our pasts until there's nothing left. Ignite ourselves in effigy and hope we don't choke on the smoke that billows from what used to be. I'm sick of being told that things will never be the same when I wasn't sure they'd ever really changed.

I see no difference between who we were and who we are today; just a distance between 'where we are and where we want to be'. Disparity defines us well because in the end I know that we'll both see what we want to see.

I have all the proof I need.